30 Ways to Show your Husband that you Appreciate him.

Words, Gifts, Acts, Time and Touch are ways that you can show your husband that you love him.  Life gets busy and often times we take care of whatever is screaming at us first even though in our hearts we want to give our husband top priority. 

I don’t tell my husband how much I appreciate him often enough.  He is way more selfless than I am and my life is better because of him.  I am feisty and he still loves me. 

The Five Love Languages on 5lovelanguages.com helps us know how to effectively show love in a way that blesses them.

  1. Words of affirmation

  2. Gifts

  3. Acts of Service

  4. Quality Time

  5. Physical touch

We all have a love language which speaks more clearly to us than all the others.  My husband loves to hear Words of Affirmation.  We are a little different so I have to be intentional in how I show him that he is loved. 

Here’s a list for 30 ways to show your husband that you appreciate him, either in Words, Gifts, Acts, Time or Touch.

 I did not add Sex to the list but please take my encouragement that sex is so important to your man and to your relationship.  If he isn’t wanting sex, there may be an issue you need to talk about or explore with a doctor. Just don’t let it be you that is withholding sex because in my opinion, sex is so good!

I don’t feel obligated to do all of these things in a month, and believe me I won’t.

This list would exhaust me if I thought I had to cram it into one month.

If I spread these ideas throughout the year, my husband is sure to feel loved.

Day#1 Make him a tasty breakfast.

Day#2 Browse at a bookstore or library together.

Day#3 Share a verse to encourage him.

Day#4 Surprise him with a photo from your past.

Day #5 Give him his favorite candy bar.

Day #6 Bake him brownies.

Day #7 Play a song from his past.

Day #8 Plan a bowling date.

Day#9  Take him out for ice-cream.

Day #10 Write a note of encouragement

Day#11 Sing Karaoke together.

Day #12 Show up at his work with a coffee.

Day #13 Tell him why you appreciate him.

Day #14 Make a special dinner.

Day #15 Hold hands.

Day #16 Have coffee or tea and talk.

Day #17 Talk about your next vacation.

Day #18 Bake his favorite pie.

Day #19 Look through an old photo album together.

Day #20 Play a board game together.

Day #21 Meet in the middle of the day for lunch.

Day #22 Write out a list of 10 things you love about him.

Day #23 Watch a comedy together.

Day #24 Take a hike.

Day #25 Play pool.

Day #26 Plan a weekend trip.

Day #27 Take a dance lesson or find an online dance lesson.

Day #28 Cook a meal together.

Day #29 Explore a Winery.

Day #30 Schedule a couples massage.