Dear Adult Child


You just moved back home and I have a welcome message for you.  At twenty years old you moved out, that was 2 years ago but it feels like yesterday.  I’m not sure how you lived while you were gone so I thought it would be helpful to remind you that your Step Dad and I still have rules, even for a twenty-two year old. 

We are glad you feel comfortable to ask for help, but we don’t want you to get too comfortable. We are glad you feel at home, but don’t want you to make this your forever home. We want you to love us, but we still don’t feel like you need “best friends”.  You are going to do great, you are going to grow and you are going to be pushed towards greatness (yep, I’m going to push you).

Your Step Dad works really hard.  He leaves the house before anyone else is awake and when he gets home, he rolls up his sleeves and works some more.  This is a lead in to our rules….

So, rule #1 is that you get a job as quickly as possible. 

Rule #2 is that you get up early and do something; dishes, yard work, job hunting, there are endless opportunities to be useful.  I can help provide you with a laminated list.

Rule #3 is that you take care of the dog you brought back with you, into our home.  Walk her, feed her, vacuum my carpet so it’s free from dog hair.

Rule #4 is that you pick up your socks from the living room floor.  Remember how I used to go around the house and pick up your stinky socks? Well that service has expired.  It’s your job now.

Rule #5 is just a friendly reminder that we don’t eat food in the living room.  I’m sure you just forgot so I’m here to put it in black and white for you.

Rule #6 is that your laundry should be washed and dried and put away all in the same day, preferably within the same hour.  I don’t want to smell it or see it.

Rule #7 is that I am not obligated to cook every meal for you.  When I make breakfast for you, consider yourself one blessed young man.  When there is dinner in the crock pot and there is enough for you…. Jack pot!

Rule #8 do not take a bath in my soaker tub!!!!!  When you were 8 years old, I didn’t mind sharing my tub with you but you must have forgotten that I don’t share my soaker tub with adults. 

Rule #9 use one drinking glass a day.  Remember which one is yours and use it for every glass of water you want to drink.  I’m generous; you can have all the water you want.

When I raising you, it was my obligation to care for you and I loved it.  You living with us now is a choice, not an obligation.   We will work together to make this an awesome experience!  When you move out again, I warn you,  I might jump up and down with excitement so please do not be offended.  My love for you is strong and goes deep!

All my love,