God See's the Beauty that We Can't See

                Standing in the kitchen first thing in the morning, my hair a mess and I was still in my pajamas.  Going over my schedule for a women’s retreat I had organized, I hear a sweet little voice. 

                “Is it just me, or are you more beautiful today than you were yesterday?, the most amazing, sweet, tender, caring and adorable six year old says to me. 

                My eyes welled up with tears and I hugged this little boy who loves his Momma more than words.  God used him that day to tell me that even though I didn’t feel pretty, I was beautiful to the Lord.  He see’s what we cannot see or can’t accept.  Sometimes it’s our own negative talk and sometimes it’s the words of others that have so deeply hurt us.  We believe we are not good enough or we can’t be beautiful to anyone. 

                I grew up in a large family, being the ninth child out of eleven; I was shown a lot of love.  I had sisters that let me sneak in bed with them every night and made me feel special.  I had brothers that would take me out for a burger and scared any guy I ever brought around.  There were benefits to being in a large family.

                When my ex-husband told me that nobody else would ever love me, I was pretty sure he was wrong.  Those words still went into my head and tried to wipe away any truth I believed about love. 

               Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in His time

                You might have been told all kinds of negative things about who you are.  You can’t go back and change that but you can change the words that ring in your children’s ears.  Do your children feel as though they are the most creative, caring, capable person around?  If you haven’t spoken words of life into your children, you can start now.  I guarantee it will be life changing for them.  I can’t guarantee that you will see the results of your kind words tomorrow, but I know that words are powerful.  They have the power to lift up and to tear down.  I cannot unhear the things I’ve heard, but I can speak words that will heal a hurting heart.  No matter the age your children are, they need to hear you speak words that show them they are worthy of your love. 

1. Stop believing lies....YOU are beautiful

2.  Speak Life Giving, Affirming Words to your Children

3.  Be part of the healing process for your children