I Can't Stay Silent

I Can't Stay Silent

Under no circumstance do you ever touch a girl who has been drugged or under the influence of alcohol.  She cannot say yes, so it is rape.  If you see a girl that is impaired in any way, take her home, call her parents but don’t be alone with her under that condition. 

Courting your Spouse

Building a relationship that stands the test of time takes a lot of effort these days. 

We are told that if your marriage isn’t making you happy it’s acceptable to walk away. 

Our culture is fast paced, self–centered and steering us in the wrong direction. Divorce can be prevented contrary to pop culture beliefs.

Cultivate and tend to the soil in your marriage, make sure it’s healthy.  Create a courtship environment by valuing your spouse.  Date your spouse as enthusiastically as you did while dating. 

Zig Ziglar wrote a book called Courtship After Marriage and he says:

Why take chances? The best way to court your mate physically is to court your mate mentally.  As Solomon said, “Think back on the days of your youth.”  In the videotape of your mind, remember how enormously attractive and appealing your mate was to you when you first met.  That’s the tape you need to play in your mind.  Let your imagination run wild.  You surely remember the anticipation you had prior to the consecration of your marriage.  That’s the tape you should replay in your mind.